You don't owe a debt
until they prove you do!
Saying you owe a debt isn't proving you owe a debt
Everyday, tens of thousands of hard working Aussies are facing paying debts or even worse, are paying debts, that they simply do not owe, don’t be one of the herd!

Just because a debt collector says you owe them or somebody else money does not make that true. In-fact, almost all debts claimed by a debt collector are not owed by the person they are chasing… but how would you know?

If they claim you owe them...
demand they prove it!
A claim is nothing without proof
Would you not normally ask for proof you owe something before you pay it? So why would you just pay a debt because a debt collector says you owe it?

You have the legal right to demand and be shown proof of everything a debt collector claims against you.. the key is knowing just what it is that you must ask for.

Turn your life back on and switch debt off
Be in debt or be out of debt... this is a choice you can make
Our pricing plans
Regardless of your situation, we have a plan to suit...
DIY Guide & Templates
one time payment

  • Unlimited use
  • Legal Notice Templates
  • Beating Debt Collectors
  • Representation
  • One-on-One Support

minimum starting balance

  • Legal Notice Templates
  • 100% Money Back*
  • Crypto-Trading Software
  • FREE 1% ROI Settings
  • One-on-One Support

Representation Under $50K
one time payment

  • Price Per Debt Account
  • 50% Money Back+
  • Dispute Representation
  • One-on-One Support
  • Additional Debt Accounts

Representation OVER $50K
one time payment

  • Price Per Debt Account
  • 50% Money Back+
  • Dispute Representation
  • One-on-One Support
  • Additional Debt Accounts

* Trading earnings will be greater than your costs if trading for 1 Year with a starting  balance of USD$500 or more.

+ If we cannot get your debt discharged or reach an amicable agreement between you and the creditor within 365 days, we’ll give you half your money back.

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