Dispute Representation
Would You Know What Proof Of a Debt ?
You DON'T owe a debt until they prove you do!
That's where we come in, we now they can't.
Stops Phone Calls
Being represented stops the debt collector calling you at home or work… anywhere.
Stops Home Visits
It also prevents debt collectors from coming to your door at home and again at work.
Stops those Letters
The debt collector can only communicate with us when you’re represented, not you.
Letting us manage the dispute allows you to get your life back in order and finances boosted.
debt collectors hate us
We cost them hundreds of thousands each year, we get it...
check you qualify
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Do You Qualify For Representation?

Amount owed
Type of Debt
Type of account?
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  • Credit Card
  • Store Card
  • Bank Loan (personal)
  • Car Loan
  • Other
Assigned to Collector
Has the debt been assigned?
Status of Debt
Has litigation started?
Accepted liability
Have you accepted liability?
We take it personally!

Our represented members are our family!

We wouldn’t be anything without our trusting members both DIY and represented. However, when taking on a new represented member, to us, it’s like a new member of the larger family, so we take every dispute personally.

Put On Notice
We put each debt collector on notice that they must perform to their statutory obligations. When they fail (and they do fail) we make it clear they have violated your rights.
Take Nothing For Granted
We presume everything a debt collector says to be a lie, so we insist on supporting facts and evidence to back up every claim they make! At the same time creating evidence against them.
On the Record
We record every conversation we have with a debt collector. This not only helps protect you from their lies but it also places them under pressure. “This conversation is being recorded as evidence“.
Pressure to Perform
We allow a debt collector a little more time than they are afforded by statute to provide supporting facts and documents, this way, they have no excuse not to perform.
Agents to Lawyers
We communicate with not just call center agents but with their lawyers also. We find it very rewarding to record a lawyer lying to cover up the debt collectors legal failings.
Litigation Support
In the unlikely event that the debt collector litigates, we will provide copies of all communications with them as evidence against them.

Existing Standard Member upgrade!

If you have already purchased the Beating Debt Collectors Guide, you are only able to upgrade to Representation Membership within 30 days of your initial purchase.

Debt collectors won't just "go away"
If you qualified, book a FREE consult ASAP!
That sounds fair to us...
let us represent you
we're confident we'll win
or we refund you 50%

PLEASE NOTE: There are a couple of simple conditions that first need to be met.
Read them here.

You’ll never be out of pocket

If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay In Full… Simple?

Being represented by us means a number of things, just one being peace of mind knowing that if we don’t get your debt discharged or otherwise settled within 365 days, you get half your money back.

There are no hidden clauses or loopholes, if you’re debt issue is not settled within 365 days of us first communicating with the debt collector on your behalf, we will refund you half what you paid to us within 30 days of the 365 day period ending.

For example, If we represented you on a credit card default of $20,000 and we didn’t get a settlement within 365 days we would refund you $1,250 and STILL continue to represent you up to the point of any potential litigation.

Limited Financial Risk
If we fail to get a positive result we repay you half of your representation fee. If we win, you have your much higher debt written off for just the cost of the fee. A win-win for you.
94% Success Rate
To-date, we have over a 90% success rate on accounts we have represented a member in a dispute.
100% Hands Off for You
Being represented means you are not required to do anything in the dispute process. It is as hands off as you can possibly get.
Debt collectors won't just "go away"
If you qualified, book a FREE consult ASAP!
Dispute Representation FAQs
You must have a few questions by now
Why would I need representation?
There are many factors that can influence a person to be represented. Being represented means that the debt collector phone calls and home visits must/will stop. Being represented also means that you only need to keep aware of the process rather than self managing the process of the dispute. Most people opt for dispute representation because they feel more confident of a positive outcome when we dispute the debt over them doing it by themselves.
Will I win?
We have no way to guarantee that you will “win” against a debt collector as we have no way of knowing what type of contract you have entered in to or what information you have been provided. Our process though is highly repeatable and has beaten many debt collectors thousands of times. We ask for information and documents that are incriminating to a debt collectors claim so they are more likely to put a disputed claim on the “too hard pile” if they believe they will not get a resolution to it.
Why can't I call you guys?
When we had open phone lines we received an average of 75 calls per day from people who just wanted to know how to get out of debt. This would have meant us employing 5 people full time just to give away free advice. Obviously, this wasn’t sustainable.
What if I have to go to court before the 365 days is up?
If it came to it that you were required to go to court, as in actually appear in court we would refund you prior to the 365 day cut off period.
I'm a Standard Member, can I upgrade?
Yes, if you are a Standard Member you will be able to upgrade to Representation but within 30 days of you initially joining with us.
How does the money back guarantee work?
It’s very simple. When you are represented by us, you stand the very best chance of having your debt successfully disputed. To support this claim, if we do not manage within 365 days to get your debt fully discharged or at least some sort of amicable solution between you and the debt collector that saves you money, we’ll give you back 50% of the money you paid us to represent you.
I have 4 debts, what will it cost me?
We charge on a per account basis. So for example, if you are being chased for 1 credit card debt and 1 car loan account, these would be 2 separate debts and require 2 separate representations.

Any represented account under $50,000 will cost $2,500 each and any account over $50,000 will cost $5,000 each.

So, representation on 2 accounts, 1 debt account for a credit card debt of $10,000 and 1 debt account for a car loan of $51,000 will cost $2,500 + $5,000 = $7,500

Will I have to go to court?
This is always a possibility and you should plan on having to go. However, this is a worst case scenario and the vast majority of issues do not get as far as court. A debt collector can technically litigate at any time after they have assignment of a debt.
What is the debt value limit for this process?
There is no real limit to how much can be disputed via our process. That said, the greater the amount claimed, the greater the motivation for the debt collector to press harder to collect. THIS PROCESS IS NOT FOR MORTGAGES.
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