DIY Debt Dispute
Would You Know What Proof Of a Debt ?
Do you know what proof of a debt would be?
Having had a credit card etc, that's not proof you owe a debt collector.
Notice of Assignment
This isn’t proof you owe a debt collector. This is just them claiming they have something.
Bank Statements
No, these are not proof you owe anything either. These are just records of transactions.
Your Applicatoin
No, this isn’t proof you owe them anything. This is simply an application for something.
Terms & Conditions
These mean nothing as to owing a debt collector anything. They have no value at all.
one guide . all the info'
All the hard research has been done for you
download & Read the guide
edit the templates
post to debt collector
Every claim requires support!

Our Beating Debt Collectors Guide spells it out!

Regardless if it is claimed you owe $500 or $50,000 the process is simple and consistent. A claim is just a claim if it is not backed up by proof. The Beating Debt Collectors Guide (updated 2018) is written so that everyone can understand the debt collection process and more importantly, know what legal rights they have.

Demanding proof of a debt collectors claim is just the beginning to disputing any claim of debt they may have made towards you.

Learn The 4 Magic Words
Why 4 words can make a debt collector wish they’d never started.
Learn how To Ask Questions Effectively
Answer any question with a question by using this simple technique.
Learn To Tell When You're Being Lied To
Knowing how a debt collector must perform keeps you in control.
Learn How To Communicate Professionally
Removing emotion and sticking to the facts increases the pressure.
Learn Much Much More...
Afterwards, you’ll be 100% ready and ahead of any debt collector.
Download a FREE preview copy of the guide
See why it is so powerful and learn 5 lies debt collectors tell you.
simple steps . quick results
Self dispute representation made easy
Read debt collectors letter
select appropriate template reply
post to debt collector

PLEASE NOTE: Our templates are just that, templates, they will require slight editing for your specific situation.

Never be without the correct reply

Our Notice Templates Cover All Situations!

Being one step ahead of the debt collector puts you in control. Having a process of legal notices ready to send will place ever increasing pressure on the debt collector to perform. These notice templates are designed to ask for specific documents and information they are legally obligated to provide you.

A debt collector claiming you owe them for a credit card you did in fact use, a bank loan you did have or a car loan for the car you’re driving… is not proof you owe them a cent!

Should they fail to perform (they will fail) you will have the next notice ready and waiting to add more and more pressure on them to provide this information.

Specifically Worded
Each notice uses legal wording specific to its context.
Logical Sequencing
Each notice is set to follow a tested and set dispute process.
Our process creates a very strong dispute to any claim of debt.
JOIN NOW, get full access to the guide and templates
This is you first step to a debt free life.
Self Representation FAQs
You must have a few questions by now
Will I get support?
Yes, but for this membership level, support is given via our Ticket Support Subscription ($9.99). This is a month by month subscription so you can renew only when you need to and submit a private support ticket that one of the team will answer within 24hours.
What does this support give me?
Ticketed Support Subscriptions are intended for members who would like us to comment on letters they have received from debt collectors or would like us to review their notices prior to a reply to a debt collector. We can also give our opinion on what is the best next step. This support is not intended for us to write/edit notices for you.
Why can't I call you?
When we had open phone lines we received an average of 75 calls per day from people who just wanted to know how to “get out of debt free”. This would have meant us employing 5 people full time just to give away free advice. Obviously, this wasn’t sustainable.
Will I win?
We have no way to guarantee that you will “win” against a debt collector as we have no way of knowing what type of contract you have entered in to or what information you have been provided. Our process though is highly repeatable and has beaten many debt collectors thousands of times. We ask for information and documents that are incriminating to a debt collectors claim so they are more likely to put a disputed claim on the “too hard pile” if they believe they will not get a resolution to it.
What if they ignore me?
Let’s hope they do. This would be very bad for the debt collector as it shows they are being disingenuous in their attempts to settle the matter. Later in the process you can even bring this up with the ombudsman.
Can I be represented in this?
Yes, you can be represented by a friend or family member in this self represented dispute process. However, once you start this process of disputing, you can only upgrade to us representing you within the first 30 days of you joining. We need to manage the debt dispute from start to finish in order for you to qualify for the money back guarantee.
Will I have to go to court?
This is always a possibility and you should plan on having to go. However, this is a worst case scenario and the vast majority of issues do not get as far as court. A debt collector can technically litigate at any time after they have assignment of a debt.
What is the debt value limit for this process?
There is no real limit to how much can be disputed via our process. That said, the greater the amount claimed, the greater the motivation for the debt collector to press harder to collect. THIS PROCESS IS NOT FOR MORTGAGES.
Some websties give away notice templates for free, why not you?
There is an old saying “you get what you pay for“. Some other sites may give away their material but we value ours. If you feel more comfortable with letters that are not Australian specific and have no value to them, then we encourage you to use them. is not a “get out of debt free” website.
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