Notice templates are just that, templates.

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    James Mclean
    James Mclean

    For some reason we have started to receive a spike in the number of support emails from people asking if they need to add anything to the Notice templates.

    Please take note that the Notice templates really are just that, they are templates that you should use as the framework for your Notices to DCAs. You will in almost every case need to edit them to meet your specific situation, be that by quoting from a previous DCA letter or making reference to something a DCA said in a phone call or text message for example. It is always best to stick within the scope of the original template for whatever notice you are creating. So if it is a Final Notice for example, keep it short and to the point rather than an in-depth discourse on every single aspect of their failure to act.



    I am about to send my first letter, Notice of Qualified acceptance, and i have a couple of question, and please excuse my ignorance, i am very new to this

    1. Do i Sign the letter?
    2. Should i leave in Red, once i have edited the letter with my details?
    3. the footer do I just initial and date? ( I have already put my ref in)


    Matt Smith

    !: You need to sign the notice a you would any other document. Nothing fancy, just your signature.
    2: After all the editing you need to convert the red text to black text.
    3: Just initial or small signature, either will do along with the date.
    4: You’re not ignorant as you know when to ask for help.



    Just sent my first letter to Baycorp, I’ll keep you updated. Again thanks, Keep up the good fight, we need you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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