No Contract No Obligation… Nonsense?

No Contract No Obligation… Nonsense?

What Is Wrong Here?

For whatever reason these last few months we have had a huge spike in emails from new members who have been asking this one same question:

Can I send back letters from a Debt Collector marked No Contract No Obligation – Addressee Not Recognised – Return To Sender?


What is it that is making people think this has any validity whatsoever in commerce?

Scott Ian
Sharing the same name as thrash metals Scott Ian of Anthrax, Scott has been a long time corporate debt collector with a number of agencies in both Australia and the UK. Now a reformed character he brings invaluable insider knowledge to DebtOutOfHere and our members. He has strengthened our process to capitalise on debt collection weak points. He also has the best handwriting of us all.
  • I’d not looked at it like this before. Makes total sense now. Thanks for a great post.

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