Would You Like To Trade Your Way ?
You'll NEVER stress over Debt Collectors again!
We can show you how to cover a $35,000 debt at NO COST to you...
you'll be glad you went into default
Follow our example and you'll never look back...
make a small investment to trade crypto's
Profit Trailer trades 24/7 on autopilot
be covered if you have to pay the debt
Trade Crypto-Currencies 24/7 on autopilot!
Make more money in your sleep than you do at work..
Turn your debt in to your new wealth!

You could cover a $35,000 debt in 1 year at NO COST to you!

We want all Trading Members to realise that this isn’t just an opportunity to cover your possible future debt liabilities, it is an opportunity to actually kick borrowing once and for all and become genuinely wealthy.

A WIN-WIN for you!
Starting with just $1,000 you could be able to cover a $35,000 debt in one year if you are found liable. Your account balance should have enough funds available to have covered your monthly costs,  the debt and the return of your initial $1,000 investment… thus costing you $0, nothing, zilch. If you don’t have to pay the debt, then you’re $35,000 better off in 1 years time… now that’s a WIN-WIN for you!
Invest $500 - $1,500* ASAP
Time is against you! The longer you wait the smaller your potential trading returns will be in the future. Give your balance the greatest opportunity to grow big and give you massive flexibility later down the timeline. * there is a minimum initial trading balance of AUD$1,000 required to be most effective.
Keep The Debt Collector At Bay
Buy yourself some time to let your trading reach its maximum potential by using our Notice Templates (we will give you these for FREE once you become a trading member) and dispute process to keep the debt collector from litigation. We are confident you should be able to hold them off for over 12 months.
Wait For The Dispute Outcome
Wait until there is an outcome for your dispute. Remember, you DON’T owe a debt until THEY prove you do. Even if you are threatened with litigation… it will not matter or affect you.
If You Have To Pay The Debt
The absolute worst case scenario would be that you are found by a judge (if you even decide to go that far) to be liable for the debt… but fear not… you had the brilliant foresight of investing just $1,000 months or even  a year earlier that can cover this.
Make The Debt Collector An Offer
If you would rather avoid court, you can make the debt collector a full and final payment offer of around 40% of the total of the debt value that you can draw directly from your trading returns. You will have more than enough to cover it.
Opt For A Payment Plan
If you would rather hold on to your trading returns for longer and thus earn even greater returns, offer to pay the debt off over a number of years. You will be earning returns that will be far in excess of any amount you would need to pay each month.
Passively trade your debts away in under a year!!
Book a FREE consult ASAP & start earning $$.
Choose a subscription
4 Levels of subscription available.
Decide what subscription suits you best and get started. All costs can be covered by your monthly earnings but it's best to start small and build your way up.
Install Profit Trailer
Start earning $$.
You could be earning a Return On Investment (ROI) within 1 hour of starting your software. Use our tested and proven settings to generate an average of 1% ROI each day... that's over 30% ROI each month.
Variable Strategy
Fine tune your profit profile.
Feel more comfortable with smaller but more regular profits rather than larger more widespread profits? Either way, you can fine tune and adjust your settings to suit your personal strategy.
Compound Earnings
Have your money make you money.
Keep your ROI money in your trading account so your trading software can use it to make you even more money, time after time. $1,000 could become $12,000 in just one year using compounding.
Want to see some typical results?
Did you earn over $1,300 passive income this month?

Though these figures are typical, we cannot guarantee results. Just under 10% ROI in the last 7 days – $1,362.76 growth in 30 days – 1.39% average daily ROI.

IMPORTANT: You are not guaranteed 1% (of trading balance) per day, some days it will be less than 1%, some days it will be more than 1%. The overall performance of any trading software is dependent upon market conditions and your input, thus individual results will vary.

$1,000 after 365 days @ 0.75%
$1,000 after 365 days @ 1%
$1,000 after 365 days @ 1.5%

Calculate Your Profit Potential

% 1h
% 24h
% 7d
% 1h
% 24h
% 7d
% 1h
% 24h
% 7d
% 1h
% 24h
% 7d
Invested Amount
Daily Return
Days Active
Potential Return
Passively trade your debts away in under a year!!
Book a FREE consult ASAP & start earning $$.
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Trading Member FAQs
You must have a few questions by now
I know nothing about crypto & Bitcoin, can I still do this?
YES! There is no need to have any prior knowledge or learning about crypto currencies or Bitcoin to run a very successful and profitable trading account. Sure, if you do know about crypto or trading methods it will help you, but it is not essential at all. If you really wanted to, you could trade for an entire year (or more) without even making one adjustment to your settings or monitoring market trends.
I don't have $1,000 to invest, what do I do?
Start with $500. You do need at least $1,000 to be able to trade consistently at 1% ROI per day. That said, there is nothing preventing a $500 starting balance from earning 1% per day, but it may not be every day. If you started with $500 and you averaged just 0.75% per day in returns, you could still have earned enough after just 1 year to cover a $7,000 debt. You can and should top-up your trading account as often as possible so that you can then trade off a higher balance.
Will I earn more than I owe for the debt?
The average debt that DebtOutOfHere.com members face is $11,216.98. Given that an initial trading balance of $1,000 could, with a 1% daily return give a closing balance after 12 months of over $35,000, it is with very good odds that you will cover your debt within 1 year of trading. You can check how much you would need as a starting figure to cover your debt within a year by using the above Potential Profits Calculator.
Does DebtOutOfHere make money from my trades?
NO! Whatever you earn in your trades is your money. If you make $10,000 or even $100,000 or more, this money is 100% yours… we don’t get a cent from you. We will however make a small one time referral payment if you purchase Profit Trailer or create accounts from the links we have provided you on this page. These one off referral payments do not come out of your payments but from the associated company.
Can you help me get the software running?
YES! As authorised resellers for Profit Trailer, DebtOutOfHere.com is able help when it comes to installing all of the required software and to configure your system to run at it’s full potential. For a small one off payment of just AUD$50 we can get the whole thing running for you. You will be required to provide security details and information to enable us to set things up on your behalf.
Who has control of my money?
YOU! Your installation of Profit Trailer, your trading exchange account, Coinjar account and your VPS account will all be under your control. DebtOutOfHere.com does not have, never has had and never will have access to your accounts. All accounts are yours and all protected by password and in some cases access is only granted via a 2-step authentication log in.
How & when do I get my money out?
Simply transfer it from your trading account balance to your chosen Bitcoin wallet. There are no “lock in” periods, so if you wished you can close your trading account at any time and cash out… not that you would want to do that.
Do I have to join with DebtOutOfhere to get this?
No, anybody can join and take advantage of this opportunity. Just consider however that you will not receive the debt dispute Notice Templates, our proven 1% ROI Profit Trailer settings or any ongoing assistance of any kind if you purchase Profit Trailer outside of the DebtOutOfHere referral links.
Do I get any support with this?
Sure you do. We can help you with everything you need to start earning a return+ on your trading balance within 1 hour of the final setup. We even give you settings that should generate you 1% ROI each day to start off with. You can run Profit Trailer from your home PC or Mac, or you can run it from a dedicated VPS, we can help with all of it. +If you start with too small an opening balance you may struggle to trade at 1%. There is also a very detailed support wiki written by and updated by the Profit Trailer technical development team.
What if the investment fails?
This is always a possibility and you should accept that there is always a risk involved with capital growth trading. That said, if you commit a reasonable starting amount, you will be able to limit the time needed to be active in the markets. Please note, DebtOutOfHere Australia does not run this opportunity, we simply inform you of it. Any investment will be at your own risk. We do not underwrite any members investment against potential losses nor do we guarantee any ROI amounts.
What Invested Members have to say
Your entire financial future can change today

# We have changed the names and used generic images to preserve the privacy of our members.

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